1.1 Curricular Planning and Implementation:
1.1.1 The institution ensures effective curriculum delivery through a well planned and documented process:

The annual academic calendar is prepared according to the university calendar prior to the commencement of the academic year by IQAC specifying available dates for significant activities to ensure proper teaching-learning process and continuous evaluation and it is displayed for the students and professors notice board. Every department prepare a teaching plan, allotting term wise subject to be taught Syllabus of each subject for the academic session is provided to the student's professors maintains teaching diary for effective academic planning and implementation Theory and practical classes are held according to the time-table which is prepared prior to the commencement of the academic year for committees are it's published in students professor and notice board of the institute. Conventional classroom teaching with reasonable use of ITC and use of virtual classes. Employment-based project for final year student and assignment for every class is compulsory All examination is conducted according to the academic calendar of the university and Department of higher education, Bhopal. The college encourages faculty members to attend orientation refresher courses, workshops and present paper in the seminars. photocopies of certificates of the above courses are provided by faculty members to IQAC for documentation. The college conducts seminars assignment for internal evaluation and semester and annual examination according to the schedule provided by Devi Ahilya University Indore.

1.1.3 Percentage of participation of full time teachers in various bodies of the Universities/ Autonomous Colleges/ Other Colleges, such as BoS and Academic Council during the last five years:


2017-18 2016-17 2015-16 2014-15 2013-14
01 00 01 00 02
Remark :Sh Govind waskel and Dr Mangla Thakur in 2013-15 (continuing from 2012 as per the univ letter), Dr Arvind in 2015-16 and Dr Premlata Tiwari in 2017-18.
Year Name  of teachers participated   Name of the body in which full time teacher participated
2015-16 Pro. Govind Vaskel Botany DAVV Indore
2014-15 Pro. Govind Vaskel Botany DAVV Indore
2013-14 Pro. Govind Vaskel Botany DAVV Indore
2015-16 Dr. Mangala Thakur History DAVV Indore
2014-15 Dr. Mangala Thakur History DAVV Indore
2013-14 Dr. Mangala Thakur History DAVV Indore
2017-18 Dr. Premlata Tiwari Hindi DAVV Indore
2016-17 Dr. Premlata Tiwari Hindi DAVV Indore
2017-18 Dr. Arvind Shrivastava Political Science DAVV Indore
2016-17 Dr. Arvind Shrivastava Political Science DAVV Indore
2015-16 Dr. Arvind Shrivastava Political Science DAVV Indore
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1.3 Curriculum Enrichment:
1.3.1 Institution integrates cross- cutting issues relevant to Gender, Environment and Sustainability, Human Values and Professional Ethics into the Curriculum:

There are no core courses which address the Gender environment and sustainability and professional ethics in the curriculum. However, BA, B.com, B.Sc Programs address these issues. cross-cutting issues relevant to gender equality. Our Institute provides the co-education system. Boys and girls have equal rights and opportunities for all areas in relation to sustainable development to be achieved. gender equality is nurtured at every step of policy and activities BA, B.com curriculum address the gender issues through particular novels, essays, poems articles, and the Institute insist to inculcate the gender issues through curriculum amongst the student. Cross-cutting issues are relevant to environmental studies. there are environmental studies for B.com, BA, B.Sc II Year students. the students get awareness about the changes in environment ecosystem, Biodiversity, and conservation environment pollution, environment protects more overall programmes of all institutions reflect environmental consideration ie, Tree plantation maintains of botanical garden echo related activities or economic activities in various departments. Professional ethics into the curriculum. Our institute is in rural area students need great support and counselling our professor help students to learn academic basics. All professors demonstrate integrity, impartiality and ethical behavior in the classroom and in their conduct with parents and nonteaching staff. our professors provide personal counseling to needy students. not only that they extend financial help. Human values in the curriculum The need for companionship and communication, fulility of war mutual hearted chasing the dreams and reaching the demands of life goal need to fill the gap between urban and rural rich and poor developed and developing such values reflect in the curriculum of BA and B.Com. The universal rational natural and variable and all-compassing ( Through behavior work and realization ) values should be included amongst the student and faculty through curriculum programs and behavior.

Name of the value added courses (with  30 or more contact hours)offered during last five years Course Code Year of offering  No. of times offered during the same year Year of discontinuation Number of students enrolled in the year Number of Students completing the course  in the year
2017-18 Yoga Training 2017-18 21 after compeleting the courses. 45 45
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1.4 Feedback System:
1.4.1 Structured feedback received from

1) Students, 2)Teachers, 3)Employers, 4)Alumni and 5)Parents for design and review of syllabus-Semester wise/ year-wise
Answer: B.Any 3 of the above
File Description Document
Action taken report of the Institution on feedback report as stated in the minutes of the Governing Council, Syndicate, Board of Management Download Attachement
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1.4.2 Feedback processes of the institution may be classified as follows:
DVV suggested Input :
C. Feedback collected and analysed
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