Criteria wise Summary

Curricular Aspects :

Curricular Aspects

  1.  The annual academic calendar is prepared according to the university calendar prior to the commencement of the academic year by IQAC specifying available dates for significant activities to ensure proper teaching-learning process and continuous evolution. and it is displayed for the students and professors, notice board.
  2. Every department prepares teaching plan allocated term-wise subject to be taught.
  3. Conventional classroom teaching with reasonable use of ICT and the use of virtual classes. 
  4. Employment-based projects for final year student for UG and PG classes and assignment for every class is compulsory.
  5. all examination is conducted according to the academic calendar of the Devi Ahilya University, Indore and Higher Education Department Govt of Madhya Pradesh, Bhopal.
  6. The institute encourages faculty member to attend orientation, refresher, workshop and present paper in the seminars. photocopies of certification of the above course are provided by faculty to IQAC for documentation.
  7. The institute conducts seminars, assignments for internal evaluation and semester and annual examination according to the schedule provided by Devi Ahilya University, Indore.
  8. Dr Mangla Thakur principal, Dr Arvind Shrivastava, Dr Premlata Tiwari, Prof. Govind Waskel are members of the board of study of Devi Ahilya University Indore.
  9. In the year 2017-18 B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. first year annual examination system is introduced by Devi Ahilya University Indore and Dept. of Higher Education, Bhopal.
  10. Our institute provides the co-education system. boys and girls have equal right and opportunities all areas in relation to sustainable development to be achieved.
  11. Environmental studies for B.A., B.Com., B.Sc. Second Year students provide as per schedule.
  12. our institute is in rural area students need great support and counselling our faculty member help students to learn academic basics.
  13. From 06 Feb. 2018 to 28 Feb. 2018 institute organizes yoga course with help of Kavlya Dham, Bhopal.
  14. Structural feedback on curriculum obtained from various stakeholders like students, alumni, and teachers.


Teaching-learning and Evaluation :

Teaching-learning and evaluation
1. In the institute, students come from Madhya Pradesh. in the last five years, 1007, 1014, 1074, 1174 and 1206 students are admitted in correspondence the year 2013-14, 2014-15, 2015-16, 2016-17 and 2017-18, respectively while sanctioned seats of the institute are 1590 students.

2. 795 (including 30% seats for girls.)sanctioned seats for reserved (SC, ST, OBC) category, students and 30% seats reserved for girls from the unreserved (UR) category i.e. 239 seats out of 795. from sanctioned seats of the students is 1590, reserved seats filled are 77.36% in 2013-14, 76.73% in 2014-15,  76.44% in 2015-16, 77.77% in 2016-17 and 79.60 in 2017-18. The overall five-year percentage is 77.58%.

3. Our Institute conducts special attention is given to the students in the classes who are identified as a weaker student. We arrange zero classes and subject counseling by the faculty members for basic knowledge.

4. We conduct interdisciplinary lectures from a different learners faculty member of the institute motivational classes and lectures for the promotion of research and practical awareness provide to advance learners. Encouraging students to obtain high university ranks we provide students with more advanced knowledge books, magazines, and e-book for competitive exams. Computer facility with internet and WI-FI facility for the advanced learner is available in the institute. Our student-teacher ratio is quietly good. We have more girls students and having many activities to learn them such as self-defense, girls NSS Unit health awareness programs. our  40% faculty member is familiar to ICT in the curriculum we have field and research project for final year students. The department of commerce organizes industrial and business visits.

5. We have very qualified 08 faculty member with Ph.D. and M.Phil and among of them, four faculty member are Ph.D. Research Supervisor. Our MSW Students having good conduct for society visit to the hospital, old age home and to help society. During the internal assessment, our faculty member conducts different methods of Continuous and Comprehensive Evaluation (CCE).

The average pass percentage of the students is quite good and satisfactory.

Research, Innovations and Extension :

Research, Innovations, and Extension

1. In our institute, two members sanctioned a minor research project in the year 2013-14. Dr. Mangla Thakur, Principal and Head of the Institute get Rs. 80,000/- and Dr. Premlata Tiwari, Professor of Hindi get 2,10,000 grants from the university grants commission, regional office, Bhopal.

In the minor research project, Dr. Mangla Thakur is working on the subject

" Narmada Ghati Mai Isthit Puranic Isthlo ki dant kathao ka adhayan Khargone jile ke sandarbh mai". While Dr. Premlta Tiwari is also working on the subject

" Nimar ke kabir Sant singaji ".

In Our institute 04 professor are research guides are as under

  1. Dr. Mangla Thakur (History)
  2. Dr. Premlata Tiwari (Hindi)
  3. Dr. Ganesh Prasad Dawre (Commerce)
  4. Dr. Sunil Kumar Sharma (Commerce)

Our institute provides a healthy atmosphere, infrastructure, resource, confidence for enhancement of the capacity and competencies of students and teachers in research and innovative activities. various activities are conducted to nature and various youth's minds. Their activities help the student to understand the various program faced by society. if enable them to find out solutions on them.

in the institute, NSS, NCC, sports career guidance and personality development cell, red cross society, through which students and faculty member are encouraged to undertake Innovative activities which are helpful and transfer of Knowledge.

NSS conduct various activities in innovative manner tree plantation, स्वच्छ भारत अभियान, rural camps for seven days, aids, Blood awareness, cashless transaction motivation. 

In the last five years, Institute organizes six national seminars successfully with great participation of academicians in the institute commerces, political science, economics, Hindi, Botany, and Zoology departments.

Our four research supervisors are pleased to supervise 11 research scholars.  in the last five years, 06 awarded degree of Ph.D. under the institute faculty. In our institute, 61 Research papers of the faculty member are published in the national seminar. 

One ISBN Books published by a faculty member. we conduct extension activities through our NSS and NCC units.

in the last five years we have focused on prevention of feticide, save girls child, clean India green India, AIDS awareness etc. 

Infrastructure and Learning Resources :

Infrastructure And Learning Resources

  1. Physical facilities:- The institution has adequate facilities for teaching-learning, the virtual classroom, classrooms, laboratories, computer laboratory etc. There are 14 classrooms in the institute. the mode of teaching is both conventional and modern like chalk and talk methods and OHP internet etc. the institute is located at Barwaha dist Khargone having an area of 18.05 acres with having sufficient no of classrooms, laboratory and good amenities our girl's common room has sanitary napkin vending machine. aqua water purifier, computer, internet facility available for students the science department having good and sufficient equipment.
  2. Sports Activities:- In the institute, we have a big playground to conduct so many sports competitions good and regular sports activities develop students, mentally and physically strong on the occasion of world yoga day sports department organize many events.
  3. Cultural Activity:- Our students participate regularly in cultural activities like social annual gathering, youth festival, and other inter-college competition. our students involved in classical/local folk music, dance as Gangour and trial dance etc.
  4. Another Activity:- the institute has a collection of rare books 273 nos with general knowledge books to empower students abilities institute has a collection of 104 ebooks CDs average annual expenditure for purchase of books and journals in last five years is 126825 Rs. 28% of students and faculty member uses library last five-year institute update infrastructure regarding IT students computer ratio in the current year is 2:1. the available bandwidth of internet connection is between 1 to 2 Mbps. facilities for two content development such as media center, recording facility lecture capturing system (LCS) is available. average expenditure incurred on maintenance of Physical facilities and academic support facility excluding salary component as during the Last five years approximate is  4.6 Lacs. campus discipline and cleanliness committee are formed the institute has generator system for uninterrupted power supply. due to government institute, PWD provides us repairing and while washing painting other civil work occasionally. maintenance of computer laboratory and electrical work done by a local technician. science laboratory and department including classroom are maintenance by there staff and assistant. 


Student Support and Progression :

the admitted students in the year 2017-18 was 1206 there was 492 boys and 714 girls admitted in UG Classes 1046, while PG 160 student enrolled. financial support from government was 44.36 lakh rs to 748 students from SC, ST and OBC. for the capability enhancement and development schemes students are benefited career counseling skill development and yoga etc. the career counseling cell of the institute arranged vocational training for beauty parlor cooking and bio-agriculture.  the institution has a transparent mechanism for timely redressed of student grievance including sexual harassment and ragging cases no such cases have been reported in this matter. 44.86 percentage of student progression to higher education, the award won by our one student in session 2014-15 in sports on regional shooting competition Mr. ChandraBhan Rawat and session in 2016-17 one of our student Ku. Karishma karma performed a dance on Ujjain Sinhasth 2016 in state cultural programs. in session 2017-18 institute has an elected student union the student union actively participate in institute level development schemes cultural activities sports activities, in last five years, institute organize local and inter-college, district level, sports competition, and cultural programs about as dance, music, singing, dramas, folk dance etc. their activities organize mainly in youth festival and time of gathering. 

Governance, Leadership and Management :

Jawaharlal Nehru Government Degree College, Barwaha established in 1964 one of the oldest government college in the Khargone district. exclusively aims to cater to the needs of students belonging to the diverse socio-economic background and cultivates model, intellectual spiritual social-emotional and all round of development of its students. The vision and mission of the institute are "उतिष्ठ जाग्रत प्राप्यम वरान्नि बोधित"  students are trained to discover their hidden power of mind, spirit, and body. The curricular of the Institute include various disciplines of social and physical science, through the teaching of these disciplines the college endeavors to sharpen rational and logical abilities among students so that they can follow the path of truth and become a true citizen of the country besides these, the emphasis is put on the development of communication skill, physical fitness, personality development imported through different co-curricular activities are integral part of our-curricular. the institution practices decentralization by institute the head of the institution plays a very special role between government and management of the institution the circulates the rules and regulation of government and Devi Ahilya University Indore to all staff member. He also monitors the implementation of government directions and roles. the process of online admission starts every year after the declaration of class 12th result of MP Higher Secondary Board, Bhopal.

Faculty of Institute work in close cooperation with the principal to regulate and maintain be congenial and academic environment regular for their purpose. Principal executes many academic and administrative planned and policies with the help of committee as IQAC cell, NAAC committee, examination, NSS, NCC etc. Institute uses e-government in areas of finance and account and student admission support online admitted student gets facility from the scheme of MP Government like as scholarship,  Aawagaman Bhatta for outside girls, Gaon Ki Beti Yojna, Pratibha Kiran etc. We take examples of Janbhagidari Committee for the effectiveness of various bodies cells/committee through minutes of meetings and implementation of their resolution. The institution reviews teaching-learning process, structures, and methodologies of operations and learning outcomes at periodic internals through IQAC.

Institutional Values and Best Practices :

Institution value and social responsibilities:- Institute providing sensitivity facilities such as

  1. SAFETY and Security- safety and security of all the students, teacher, non-teaching staff of the institute is always the first priority to ensure a safe campus and secured environment of the institute. 
  2. Counseling:- The institute is willing to do nature a health environmental both physical health and the health of young minds.
  3. Personal Counselling:- Health, hygiene  Blood grouping and donation, AIDS awareness programs, and career guidance programs conducted regularly.
  4. Girls Common Room:- The institute has a room with several facilities such as sanitary napkin vending machine is installed. NSS unit of the institute career movement of plastic-free campus while the department of botany has developed a green and escaping garden with trees and plants. Institute provides many facilities to differently abled students one of them is ramp/rails in the campus. Institute displays the core values in the institute and also the various WELFARE schemes of the government for students. Institute has established "Satya-Nistha Club" in collaboration with Omkareshwar power plant the club organizes various programs for students on truth, non-corruption movement etc. In the institute, we organize many special days as National voter Days, Human Rights Day, NCC, NSS Days world AIDS Day, Republic and Independence days. All the financial, academic, administrative process in the institute are undertaken in a manner that permits rigorous security from any branch of the society admission is an online process as e-Pravesh operated by the department of higher education, MP  which is strictly  on the Basis of merit in accordance with the government reservation policies on result of examinations is regularly displayed on the college notice board. There is transparency in the institute financial, administrative functions. The institute does its financial audit through authorized auditor There are reforms in the examination pattern i.e. CCE, Home Assignment Employment based project work and oral test for UG & PG Classes CCE and project work like these internal marks are included in the University, Examination in such a way we maintain transparency in the process. personality development cell conducts special lectures and competitions for students.